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A Conscious Climate

July 25, 2019



 Often we rely on our surroundings to dictate the course of our lives. One wakes up for the day in a reactive state straight out the gate, annoyed at the grooling day ahead letting it dictate how we feel the rest of the day.

  We forget sometimes how powerful and effective we can be if we can just wrap our minds around it, step back and realize we are in control. We are in charge of what temperature it is in the house of our bodies. Even physically we can alter our bodies for good or for bad depending on what we suggest to ourselves consciously, or subconsciously on a regular basis.

  A perfect example of this is one of my favorite stories that I can't seem to find to give credit to, but I'll never forget...

   There was once an old couple who had happily be married for the majority of their lives. One day the husband fell and injured himself in which he never recovered inevitably resulting in his death. 

  For the first few years after his death the now widowed grandmother was getting by fine on her own, but the more years that passed the more the family realized her attitude was changing and motivation to keep up with the house had diminished. 

  So, the family decided to have grandma move in with them, be around the grandchildren, and to give her a feeling of importance again. Although they're idea was good, it wasn't effective. In fact after the first year of living with the family the grand mother barely got out of the house, then months after that barely got out of bed. 

The family asked, "What's wrong are you hurting?" She said, "All over, I'm so weak I can hardly make it to the bathroom on my own."

  After a few more months passed the grandmother had become completely bed ridden with the family taking care of her every need. The family tried to convince the grandmother to let them take her to the doctor, but she refused.

  Running out of options the family called in a specialist to come and make a home visit to see what could be done. The specialist came and evaluated her physical condition and couldnt find anything wrong although clearly something was causing these ailments.

The family frustrated with no answer to the specialists evaluation couldnt understand what was going on, or where to go from here.

 The specialist reviewed the time line of personal events leading up to the grandmothers current condition. Finally, the specialist told the family he had an idea and asked if it was okay try one more thing. Searching for an answer, they agreed.

The specialist went back up to where the grandmother was resting and as he tried to talk to her she told him she was tierd and in too much pain to talk anymore today, then proceeded to fall asleep.

  At that moment the specialist walked to the edge of the bed and took a knee. He reached into his pocket, pulled out a lighter, and caught his handkerchief on fire in a dog bowl near the bed then stood behind the door and waited. 

  As the smoke started to fill the room the grandmother woke up, jumped out of bed, ran down the stairs out into the front yard flailing her arms jumping up and down yelling, "Fire, fire everyone get out of the house!"The grand daughter turned, looked at her mother and asked, "Grandma can run?"


The mind can be convincing. The cause of most things in life, even physically, have so much to do with the perspective we have from where we're sitting. Just as the mind can overcome injury, sickness, and laziness, it can also keep you injured for longer, more sick, or allow you to avoid discomfort that in the end will allow you to grow.


  So, on the days you don't want to get out of bed, you need to go to the gym but you're too tired and sore, or someone close to you has died and you're convinced you can't keep going, remember this: The mind is the general, the troops are the body. You're the thermostat of your life, set your own degree each day.


  Time is the only thing we are limited to. I want to thank you for choosing to spend yours reading this article today.



With Gratitude,




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