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A Glimpse of Truth

January 7, 2019

Our human brains are mere tools. Like an intestine gives us life by digesting food and distributing nutrients throughout the body, our brains just organize, analyze, interpret, predict, and command information to and from the universe. Eyes react to light, brain interprets the information and computes the our body in an evolutionarily advantageous scenario to survive and thrive. (Of course the computation can wig out and people go haywire or develop unhealthy patterns of thought).  But the soul/ spirit... not the thoughts or the thinker of the thoughts. Not the brain or ego. The self. The transcendent you. It’s in there...just gotta find it. Get quiet, get still, focus on breath, fast...whatever it takes. This has been my mission in life; to find that space beyond the physical, and then keep pursuing it with relentless force. To experience it, understand it, and to share it. 


And some scriptural reference to support this idea:


“seek first the kingdom of God”


“For do you not know know the Holy Spirit dwells within you?”


“The mind is The gateway to the supernatural”


For centuries, we humans have been working to not only discover this truth, but then preserve it and protect it. This is the purpose of mythology, tradition, even religion. Whether you believe God came to us or God came from us, the Truth remains the same. Our experience is determined by our experience. Our perspective depends on our perspective. If you choose to seek Truth, you will find it. If you'd rather not engage in transient experience, you may remain in secluded oblivion. God does not throw us away, regardless of our grip we have on Him, or the world.


For too long was I crippled with fear and anxiety about the nature of our existence, including the reality of God. I found comfort in using the word God and Universe interchangeably. Perhaps comfort came from turning God into a genius, mystical, infinite  "it" rather than a jealous, vengeful, strict, personified Father of the World. I found liberation in allowing myself to question my faith and test my own boundaries of belief. I began to find comfort in demystifying and debranding the Spirit of the Cosmos. Then one day, I realized that when I "talked" to God, I no longer even knew what that meant. I had stripped the Almighty Logos of any identifiable label with hopes of broadening my horizons... I wanted to deepen my capacity for understanding who and what God might be. The only problem was, nothing was left to keep me grounded. I was meditating with intent to the Universe, without understanding what that even meant. It must have sounded trendy or sexy in some aspect to be "so spiritual that I'm clinically insane/schizophrenic." Looking back, I still understand the appeal, that is I can hardly blame someone for trying to connect to/experience the entire universe of creation in the form of a hallucinogenic prayer. After all, none of this reality makes any sense. The only possible explanation is that there is some invisible force, some omnipotent, omnipresent hand shaping creation into being, some immeasurably wise inaudible voice guiding people throughout the ages. I wanted to know what that "force"was. I wanted to know what this all meant and how it could possibly be real, yet not just KNOWN and accepted by each and every human. I wanted to know why we had so many religions and gurus and claims of experiencing God, yet so much division and hatred and flaws in our world, not just today but throughout all of history. How can we have this evil human nature within us, yet this divine spirit of God living within us?


I can't say I for sure have any of the answers I set out to find. I can't say that any of my personal experiences are universal truths or conglomerations of my own biased, mirage of existence. What I can say is there is Truth in the Bible. I can say there is Truth in our hearts. I can also say that People hardly ever get it right when speaking on behalf of others, especially when people speak on behalf of God. Life is ought to be lived and enjoyed, not constantly conceptualized and constrained for the sake of others. If we truly wish to know God, we should first consider asking ourselves if we are truly willing know the Devil. Whether you'd like to take that as a literal God-Devil character from mythology or take it as a literal Good-Evil version of yourself that lives deep within you. Either way, we must pursue good. We must seek God in the eyes of other people. We must not fear evil, nor death. We must rise to the occasion and have faith that the good within us will ultimately prevail. 



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