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Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude

August 15, 2017



Worldwide revival can only be achieved if we initiate a revival within our very own being. To change the world you must first change yourself, but what does that really mean? How does one orchestrate a systemic change? Do people even change, REALLY?


Who are you to change the world? You can't even change yourself. Why would you want to change the world, even if you could? You barely even like your friends or parents. You don't even like yourself. Not really you don't. You're bitter and cranky and annoyed. You don't get along with others. Hardly anyone else inspires you. Why would you want to save anyone else? You don't. What you really crave is the salvation of your own mind. You long for the world in your head to be revived. Only when you have a thriving perspective can your perspective of the world thrive. Your opinion of the world can change the literal, physical reality of the world in which you exist. I am talking about changing the physical world around you simply by changing your thoughts about it. For isn't it true, that as you begin to reinterpret things, things begin to change?


Fake it til you make it.

This isn't suggesting that you must avoid any and every negative behavior or negative activity. It's about being in a mood so unbreakable that you don't allow its negativity to affect you. You don't lower yourself to the levels of other people. Not anymore. Your level is so powerful that it pulls others up to be on the higher plane of existence in which you dwell. You lead others in a way that your essence, your vibes become contagious. Nor is this suggesting that you withhold your joy from others and save it all for yourself or for those worthy of it. In fact, it says quite the opposite. What I am suggesting is you begin to act as though you have an unlimited amount of joy within your being, and you WILLINGLY express it/share it with anyone and everyone you encounter. 

If you truly want to be happy, you must first change your perception of the world into a happy place. Think of the good in the world. Think the best in everything. Make positivity and love and happiness a habit. Pray for God to rewire your brain. Pray for a heat surgery that only He could perform. Visualize the electricity and chemistry of your mind, body and spirit being cleansed and reprogramed for love and acceptance. Change your patterns of thinking and patterns of behavior. Create new ones, consciously. Purposefully. Intentionally. Design and practice new formations of habit. A new attitude. New perspective and perception. New point of view. New reality. New life.




This is what Jesus Christ came to offer us. In accepting Him and aggressively pursuing Him; this magnitude of systemic, inwardly and outwardly expressed PEACE. That is He brings, and it is brought on to us quite literally through the Holy Spirit. A real life. Jesus, being God in the human form provides example of The Way. In our everyday life He is present, serving us a guide. A tuning fork. Once this becomes your reality, you are (at any pace) granted an incredible gift of salvation. Not just saved from a daunting afterlife, but you are saved from your former life of having to live in strife and sorrow. This salvation comes from receiving a new operating system, quite literally. Seek salvation in Christ by going deeper and deeper into the depths of your own character and finding new ways that you NEED Jesus. Ways that you NEED God to transform you. Physically. Mentally. Emotionally. Socially. Psychologically. You can't afford to try doing it on your own. In fact, you'll eventually learn that you cannot do this on your own. You, yourself, are powerless. You're just a meat vehicle machine. An overgrown earthworm. Your powers come from God and God alone. 


If we wish to better the world around us, perhaps it start with bettering oneself. Only through new eyes can we see the new world. Only through a new attitude can we climb to a new altitude. 

This is a download. Soak it. Write it. Read it. Practice it. Preach it. 

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